Christopher French – Data, Discovery and Personalization

“Consumers just want healthcare to be valuable and simple.”

Published on May 24, 2018


“By 2020, 1.7MB OF NEW INFORMATION will be created per second,” said Christopher French, Watson Customer Experience Worldwide Channel Development and Delivery Leader at IBM, as he opened his talk at the VITAL Healthcare Marketing Conference. His expertise with data collection and analysis through the Watson platform made him a perfect fit for the conference’s theme of “Developing an Innovation Mindset for Today’s Healthcare Industry,” which of course includes the tremendous shift towards big data in pretty much every industry.

Healthcare, quite understandably, already collects a huge amount of information on its patients. Yet much of collected data is “dark” or “siloed,” acquired and stored but otherwise hidden and unused for analytics. One important challenge therefore is finding out how to use this data in innovative ways to help design new solutions for healthcare. And the answer to that challenge is Watson.

IBM’s Watson platform has come a long way from answering questions on Jeopardy. Today, Watson is assisting in various healthcare concerns, using patient data, historical research, journal notes, and clinical studies to inform decisions.

Aside from helping save lives directly, Watson may also help improve outcomes and lower costs, through the implementation of Patient Engagement strategies. Patient engagement revolves around building loyalty, identifying potential patients in need, helping patients manage their health over their preferred channels at the right time, enriching lives, and optimizing the patent experience in customer service and care channels.

Such a cycle of engagement is impossible without an acute awareness of data and how to use it. The Watson platform can provide insights from current data, learn from historical data, and understand and and interact in natural ways. The platform allows for highly personalized marketing campaigns, through the use of cognitive insights, awareness of content, real-time touchpoint analysis, and even the correlation of disparate data into harmonized information.

“Consumers just want healthcare to be valuable and simple,” French said. With a Watson-powered strategy of engagement, healthcare can be simpler and better than ever.


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