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I.M. Women, Empowering the Women of Marawi

Campaign Identity for the Women of War-torn Marawi


When the city of Marawi endured five months of war-torn conflict, millions of civilians were displaced. And to earn income and support families, the Maranao men set out beyond the city while the women stayed behind in war-stricken conditions with little to no opportunity for them to help uplift their communities.

Countless organizations offered their support but SPARK! Philippines, Sinagtala PH, and the Austrian Embassy decided to join together and initiate a program where Maranao women can help restore their communities by reviving Marawi’s ancient tradition of weaving. I.M. Women is a weaving program that provides economic empowerment as well as gender and psychosocial development. When SPARK! Philippines commissioned us to design the I. M. Women logo, the challenge was to not only represent the program itself; but to create an identity that symbolizes Maranao culture and empower Maranao women and others to rebuild their communities and identities.


Spark! Philippines

Project Tags

Human Rights
Women Empowerment


Inspired by the Maranao craft, I.M. Women’s identity is designed to revive the narratives of Marawi’s rich tradition. The woven design is crafted through digital threads to represent Islamic art with elements such as the Okir and the Patola motif to visually voice out the story of Maranao weavers in every pattern. The logo shares the collective message ‘I am woven, I.M. Women’. With over thousands of digital warp and weft threads completing the langkit and lakban, the logo forms a malong – a versatile and functional hand-woven skirt predominantly used across several facets in the Maranao community. Since then, the logo’s presence has become an empowering movement. The logo design was translated into pins to enable people to show support and raise awareness.

Having started with only 8 weavers, I. M. Women is on their second batch of graduates with over 100 weavers to date. This was sparked by I.M. Women’s visual identity serving as a rallying point of support, helping them garner over 1.3M in financial aid for the program. Furthermore, this opened doors for I.M. Women to receive additional support as well as opportunities to speak about their movement in Metro Magazine and Rated-K. Today, the I.M. Women identity becomes an anchor of heritage, and a pillar for people to become woven together in rebuilding Marawi – regaining the Maranao weavers’ sense of identity, as Bangsamoros, and as women.


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