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Japan Airlines Launches New Route

Now tourists can take advantage of More Japan as early as day 1


For tourists travelling abroad, day 1 is already a day wasted. What could have been a full day upon arrival is rendered unproductive due to later flight schedules available offered by low cost airlines. This costs more than money. It could mean travellers have already spent a vacation leave uselessly, or perhaps have stressed over hours not having accomplished much on their first day in a foreign country.

But that changed. On February 1, 2019, Japan Airlines was ready to introduce their newest route from Manila to Tokyo, which lands at Haneda Airport. They wanted to attract more Filipinos not only to Japan, but get them there by flying Japan Airlines. Compared to Narita Airport, the Haneda terminal is closer to the city. Only Japan Airlines actively offers this route. And with a land-at-Haneda flight schedule that departs from Manila at 11:45 p.m. and an ETA of 4:55 a.m., passengers arrive earlier than most airlines that land on Tokyo. We wanted to attract them by offering something money can’t buy.



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There’s More Japan when you fly Japan Airlines. Thanks to their early direct flights to Tokyo via Haneda Airport, now you don’t just get some of Japan, you get more of it. Tourists can have breakfast as early as 6AM, catch the first and freshest bowl of ramen by 10AM, visit multiple parks even before the usual hotel check-in times, and so much more. We started by designing a campaign logo that would clearly communicate the myriad of places to go, things to do, and culture to experience as soon as you arrive in Tokyo by way of Japan Airlines. We took the message of that logo and applied to various media touchpoints that communicated the many facets of Japan to be enjoyed. The campaign mainly included a carefully crafted series of online videos, social media posts, social media ads, and a print ad. Later on, the idea was extended to other forms like a media relations program, event banners, special fare promos on digital, a flyer, and a brochure. Each execution showed the versatility and the bigness of the More Japan idea.

This the first campaign of JAL in the Philippines. In just a few weeks, the work helped the brand soar. The brand awareness ads delivered 301% more from its target and 50% less than target cost. It also delivered an average ad recall rate of 4.39% which is surprising for a brand’s first-ever integrated campaign. The fare ads alone reached almost 4.3M people at a cost less than 32% of what was estimated, delivering more than reach and awareness, but link clicks that got the audience to book. Our video ads resulted to a 61% view-through rate and only cost almost Php 0.25 per video view. Media personalities enjoyed the More Japan experience that they wrote about it in the top lifestyle and travel publications: ABS-CBN,, CNN, Preview, Cosmo PH, and Bookings for the first flight were sold out on the first run of the fare ads.


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