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Launching Phoenix Super LPG

Introducing a new LPG to a new cooking audience


Liquefied petroleum gas or LPG has always been identified with housewives. Mothers. Homemakers. The imagery has remained unchanged for years. Everyone just toes that line.

Phoenix Petroleum bought out Gas Petronas, a minor LPG player in Visayas and Mindanao, and reintroduced it as Phoenix Super LPG. As a brand new challenger to the category, Phoenix Super LPG wanted to reframe the discussion. Instead of talking to the homemakers, we did something unprecedented in the category – we talked to Millennials and Gen Zers. Since it will be a tall task to reel in homemakers that are already using the same LPG for years, the younger generation can serve as a low-hanging fruit for the brand. After all, they are bound to be the new tastemakers.

But how do you then sway them to be invested in cooking – especially in this age of delivery apps, drive thru take out, and food parks? Millennials and Gen Zers are all about pursuing their passions. If we can just draw out the sheer enjoyment that can come from cooking, this can be a new passion point for them – and Phoenix Super LPG will be in a prime position to be their LPG of choice moving forward.


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To set the tone for the fledgling brand, we need someone to bring the energy and enthusiasm to cooking. We tapped multi-awarded singer/actress Sarah Geronimo, herself a culinary arts student, to become the Phoenix Super LPG endorser. Through her we channeled the brand message “kay sarap palang magluto”, an enthusiastic invitation to millennials and Gen Zers to discover the joys of cooking. We wrote a song for her as she starred in our TVC/online videos, and appeared in our in-store collaterals. The nationwide launch happened as a special branded segment in top-rating Sunday noontime show ASAP, with Sarah Geronimo herself performing the brand’s jingle to usher in Phoenix Super LPG into the national limelight. Music marketing was on full blast, with the unbranded version of the song firmly entrenched in several local radio station’s regular rotation.

The brand’s social media page is peppered with reminders of the brand’s main features. As of presstime, plans are being finalized to stage Phoenix Super LPG Kalderoke – the singing & cooking challenge inspired by the jingle performed by Sarah Geronimo, to be aired nationwide.


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