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LBC’s Online Radio Shopping

LBC Cash On Pick-up / Cash On Delivery brings e-commerce to radio


In this age of e-commerce, radio would be the last medium to be considered. For items to be bought or sold, buyers would need photos to help with their decision. Traditional radio doesn’t have the benefit of providing a visual.

Everything from personal care to gadgets to food to homeware can now be bought and sold online. This gave rise to regular Filipinos putting up their own online stores, which have come to be known as “social sellers”.

LBC, the country’s leader in logistics, wanted to help grow the businesses of these social shops by offering the convenience and flexibility of their Cash On Delivery and Cash On Pick-up services. But how does radio figure into today’s e-commerce landscape?


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What if, for a few minutes, we can turn a radio show into an online shop? What if DJs sell items on-air? By taking advantage of the integrated simulcast on traditional radio and via online streaming, we collaborated with the DJs of Yes FM, Easy Rock, Win Radio, and Wish FM and did something unprecedented – sell and shop on radio. DJs were to peddle a few items on-air and will be fulfilled through LBC Cash On Delivery and Cash On Pick-up. And because the show is also available online, we were able to get listeners/viewers to comment the item code of the product that they want to buy on the spot. The sale was on a first-comment-first-serve basis. Whoever comments the right code gets the item and the buyer gets to choose if they want to get it and pay via delivery (Cash On Delivery), or pay-before-claiming in branch (Cash On Pick-up). This changed the game not only on finding more and new ways to work with radio stations, but also in demonstrating and encouraging trial for the service.

The collaboration ran from November 5 to November 30, 2018. Viewers were able to shop on any of the 4 stations (Yes FM, Easy Roc Win Radio, and Wish FM) we partnered with, on 9 different radio shows. The results: a total of over 63,000 viewers watched the 10-minute live shopping segments. An average of 100 viewers vied and commented their claim on every item that was on sale. The items were sold the minute they were presented. This means that they have been happily received by the lucky buyers via LBC’s Cash On Pick-up or Cash On Delivery service. More importantly, it was able to clearly demonstrate to social sellers how LBC can help move their business forward.


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