NBA levelled up the excitement for the playoffs

Taking the hardcourt experience closer to the hardcore fans


There is a basketball court in almost every corner of the Philippines. Basketball is practically a religion here, after all. You can find it in gyms, sport centers, barangay halls, and literally in the streets. So when NBA approached us, we were ecstatic. The brief was to help look for LED billboards that will bring awareness to the series of games. What did we do? We made a hard pass on the original brief. We believe that the sport and its stars deserve an audience that an idea-led out-of-home can attract, or perhaps even engage. We knew that basketball is everywhere. We knew that fans are passionate about the sport. To Filipinos, it is more than just a game. More than just fandom. It is part of life. So we pushed for an immersive experience that made our target audience feel like they are part of the game. We decided that even within its bounds, out-of-home can be out of the box.

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We levelled up the basketball experience Filipinos are used to seeing on the streets to a place where no one expects to find it—right in the middle of the bustling, white-collar business district, underground. In this collaboration between Havas Ortega’s AdCity and RSConcepts, we took over one of Makati’s busiest underpasses, the Ayala-Sedeño underpass. We dressed it up from floor to ceiling, wall to wall, and turned it into a basketball court complete with NBA players and cheering courtside fans. Pedestrians entered the underpass as if they were entering the game. Every passerby was sure to be flanked by NBA stars in the light boxes as they walked by. They crossed the entire space on a basketball court floor finish. Overhead were decals of the teams.

Some wins are measured in points. Ours was by mileage. While our eyes were on the ball for awareness, the results did a fast-break on engagement. It was featured in various online sites and publications including State of the Nation with Jessica Soho (16.8K views), Inquirer Libre, Make It Makati’s Facebook page, and Bloomberg’s TicToc also featured the work on their Twitter account with 17.2K video views, and on their Instagram account with 3.3K video views. An estimated 125,000 people passed through the site from February 19 to March 18, 2019. Because of its impressive design, passersby took photos and posted on their profiles using the hashtags #NBAinManila and #sedenounderpass.


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