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APEC CEO Summit ‘Living Logo’

A meaningful logo design that balances art and relevant information.


With the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2015 CEO Summit happening in Manila, Philippines, the challenge was to create a branding identity for the event. It was important that the theme “Creating the Future: Better. Stronger. Together.” be the focal point of the logo design and all its applications.

Information was the main inspiration for the design. Data sets such as population, land area, foreign investment and other relevant statistics from the participating economies or countries were visualised as color bars, plotted out geographically, and then connected together to form three rings— with the Pacific at the center.

While GDP/capita data is the main logo, the APEC “Living Logo” can morph to reveal 15 other data sets. A meaningful logo design that balances art and relevant information.


Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation

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The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO Summit is the premier business forum in the Asia Pacific region. With world leaders and CEOs coming together to share solutions, it was vital to have a logo design that will speak to both groups and will be as meaningful as the summit itself. A logo that will highlight the theme “Creating the Future: Better. Stronger. Together.”

Inspiration came from the very nature of the event itself: economic data and information.

The creative process started with gathering data from all participating economies or countries. Statistics like GDP/capita, land area, population, foreign investments and other relevant data were collected, computed and visualised as color bars — each representing an economy. Using the GDP/capita as the main data set, each bar was then laid out geographically with the Pacific Ocean as the imaginary center point. The bars were then curved to connect the economies together — forming three rings in the process.

With the title and the theme of the summit placed in the middle of the rings, the logo for the APEC 2015 CEO Summit was formed.

This “Living Logo”, capable of morphing and transforming to reveal 15 other relevant data sets, was more than just a visual execution. It was a balanced representation of information and design, embodying synergy, strength and solidarity — as meaningful as the summit itself. A definite first in the history of the APEC.


From centerpieces, automotive decals, lounge seats to a website and Powerpoint templates, the Living Logo and its design elements were applied to every material inside, outside, and around the APEC 2015 CEO Summit.


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